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The SeeSnake Diagnostic Pipe Inspection System by Rigid is the latest in state-of-the-art pipe maintenance equipment.
Soulliere Solutions is excited to offer the sophisticated and precise SeeSnake service to our customers. Unmatched in performance, durability and technology the industry leading SeeSnake system is keeping Soulliere Solutions ahead of the competition and is taking a lot of the guess work out of pipe inspection and repair. Here's how:

The SeeSnake Advantage

SeeSnake's innovative advantage over other diagnostic methods is that the SeeSnake system is a seeing-eye camera inserted into sewer pipes, downspouts, weeping tile-whatever drainage system you need to examine. SeeSnake will let you, the customer, and our Soulliere Solutions technicians see what the camera sees on a full-colour monitor. Customers can even review the probe of their pipes on videotape too make sure all problems are found.

Avoid Costly Access Damage

Often, in order to find a single crack or blockage in a water main, downspout or drainage tile, your entire front lawn has to be ripped up, or an interior wall has to be demolished and later rebuilt. And sometimes, the problem turns out to be somewhere else altogether!

SeeSnake virtually eliminates all peripheral property damage and costly labour and materials by enabling you to pinpoint exactly where the problem you can see on the monitor is, whether it be inside the walls of your home or somewhere in the exterior drainage system. The SeeSnake camera emits an ultrasonic signal (or sonde) that will indicate to Soulliere Solutions technicians where the problem is, allowing for easier access and no unnecessary digging or wall-dismantling.

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